Number of words: 118

Impetus catalyst, impulse, incentive
Erroneous false, inaccurate, misguided
Elucidate decode, enlighten, illuminate
Contretemps disaster, misadventure, mishap
Abscond flee, disappear, decamp
Substratum foundation, basis, bottom
Precocious bright, mature, intelligent
Platitude commonplace, buzzword, banality
Pertinent applicable, related, apposite
Malleable adaptable, flexible, supple
Incongruous bizarre, contradictory, incoherent
Despondent dejected, morose, disheartened
Debilitate cripple, disable, eviscerate
Belligerent aggressive, combative, quarrelsome
Ancillary additional, accessory, acompanying
Contretemps disaster, mishap, embarrassment
Vociferous boisterous, clamorous, noisy
Repudiate abandon, dismiss, forsake
Magnum Opus great work, masterpiece, piece de resistance
Jubilant elated, excited, glad
Jettison abandon, discard, scrap
Fervour intensity, sincerity, zeal
Dogmatic arrogant, stubborn, assertive
Detritus rubble, fragments, deposit
Chicanery dishonesty, duplicity, stratagem
Cadence tempo, inflection, accent
Attrition erosion, abrasion, thinning
Antipathy distaste, hostility, loathing
Abashed confused, embarassed, bugged
Vicarious deputed, indirect, surrogate
Stratagem ploy, ruse, gimmick
Repudiation abandon, revoke, retract
Pernicious damaging, toxic, lethal
Modus Operandi rule of thumb, approach, means
Efficacy adequacy, effectiveness, competance
Surreptitious covert, clandestine, hidden
Etymology origin, route, source
Erroneous false, mistaken, faulty
Copious amble, bountiful, full
Auspicious promising, oportune, advantageous
Affable amiable, polite, approchable
Subservient submissive, inferior, deferential
Panoply array, act, affectation
Notwithstanding nevertheless, nonetheless, withal
Libation drink, gift, offering
Inscrutable enigmatic, impenetrable, unintelligible
Indignant annoyed, furious, heated
Inconclusive ambiguous, deficient, incomplete
Incomprehensible baffling, puzzling, opaque
Facsimile likeness, photocopy, replica
Balustrade handrail, rail, post
Oligopoly cartel, holding, ownership
Staunch ardent, loyal, reliable
Remiss slack, derelict, neglectful
Meritorious exemplary, praiseworthy, admirable
Magnanimous altruistic, forgiving, selfless
Elicit bring out, evoke, extract
Burgeon prosper, sprout, snowball
Behoove benefit, suit, beseem
Antiquated ancient, outmoded, aged
Hegemony authority, leadership, power
Enigmatic cryptic, obscure, ambiguous
Deluge avalanche, obscure, ambiguous
Accoutrement gear, device, appliance
Tumultuous violent, hectic, turbulent
Subterfuge deception, ploy, ruse
Stoicism endurance, patience, passivity
Parlance argot, lingo, jargon
Inebriated bombed, wasted, intoxicated
Heinous abhorrent, hateful, shocking
Exorbitant enormous, pricey, idiotic
Congruent consistent, coinciding, conforming
Coitus copulation, sex, intercourse
Charcuterie deli, cafeteria, meat
Atrophy decline, degeneration, downfall
Asinine absurd, daft, idiotic
Totalitarian tyrannical, oppressive, autocratic
Recapitulate recap, rehash, review
Pugilist prizefighter, boxer, bruiser
Preponderance predominance, advantage, bulk
Precocious early, premature, advanced
Pejorative deprecative, derogatory, uncomplimentary,
Myopic shortsighted, halfsighted, biased
Jurisprudence case, regulation, decree
Inoculate inject, protect, vaccinate
Hubris cockiness, vanity, cheek
Gentrification extend, reestablish, reaffirm
Erudite learned, scholarly, wise
Epicurean gourmet, gluttonous, self-indulgent
Ephemeral brief, temporary, short-lived
Disingenuous deceitful, dishonest, false
Copacetic adequate, common, decent
Conciliatory appeasing, pacific, calm
Autodidactic inject, protect, vaccinate
Antiquity antique, relic, ruin
Undulate wobble, flow, ribble,
Pertinent admissible, related, appropriate,
Pejorative deprecative, derogatory, uncomplimentary,
Illustrious celebrated, notable, renowned,
Diatribe abuse, invective, onslaught,
Despotism tyranny, dictatorship, autocracy,
Vindicate absolve, clear, justify
Reprehensible disgraceful, objectionable, sinful
Nominal formal, titular, ostensible
Nepotism bias, discrimination, partisanship
Licentious fast and loose, relaxed, unruly
Liberality altruism, charity, nobleness
Lackadaisical languorous, limp, spiritless
Fallacious false, untrue, incorrect,
Doxology hymn, paean, song of praise
Aphorism moral, rule, dictum
Altruism benevolence, kindness, selflessness
Allegory apologue, parable, story
Prognosticate foretell, predict, anticipate
Fortuitous accidental, chance, contingent,
Obnoxious disgusting, abhorrent, dreadful
Litigious belligerent, contentious, combative
Credence confidence, assurance, belief